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If you are planning on conducting a background check on family members, neighbors, friends or potential dates, a comprehensive search of local, state and federal public records is vital. The amount and types of background information you can learn about someone by conducting such a search can be extremely helpful when determining their character and fitness, or confirming events in their life for your research project.

Public records maintained by government agencies include marriage records, divorce records, arrest records, warrant records, criminal records and court records. Among these, you can determine if there are any judgments filed against a person or lawsuits they have been involved in. You can also see whether they have any criminal tendencies or events in their past, as well as the current disposition of their case.

General information connected to these public records held by the government include dates of birth, marriage and divorce, dates and places of arrest, addresses registered to that name, and even names of relatives. GovRecordsAccess will also provide you a report that provides information such as social network profiles, phone numbers, email addresses and properties owned by your person of interest.

Conducting a background check on anyone who will have access to your personal property and family is absolutely vital today, as sex offenders, felons and other dangerous criminals are lurking everywhere. It's quite easy to fool the general public into believing they are harmless if they move often and no one has bothered to check their history.

Previously, it was necessary to physically visit local and state government offices in every state an individual has lived to access any public records held in their name. This is because these jurisdictions do not necessarily share information about a person, unless they are a wanted sex offender or felon and are included on a national wanted list.

Today, you can save significant time and effort by conducting your public records search quickly and easily using GovRecordsAccess' database of background information from nationwide sources. These are also being constantly updated, ensuring the most reliable comprehensive public records check available online.